Larry Snapp - In Person and Telephone Counseling

Larry Snapp has been working with people in counseling for over nine years. He is on staff of Green Valley Church and is licensed by the State of Colorado as a professional counselor (L.P.C.). He holds two masters degrees (Th.M./Dallas Seminary and MABC/CCU). Larry Snapp has experience in counseling people with obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. He also has experience in depression, marriage conflict, anxiety/fear, communication problems, sexual/emotional abuse, stress, anger, spiritual growth/concerns, sexual addictions/difficulties, substance abuse, blended families, interracial marriages, and adolescent problems.

Larry Snapp counsels people from diverse and varied backgrounds and life experiences. He works with anyone who is truly interested in receiving help irrespective of religious preference. He is available for in-person counseling or telephone counseling. If you would like more information about counseling, have questions, or would like to make an appointment, please call Larry Snapp at (303) 332-4384. 


Check Yourself...

Experiencing obsessive thoughts or compulsive behavior? 
Overly anxious/stressed out? 
Feeling hopeless? 
No energy?
Feeling angry all/much of the time? 
Life doesn't seem worthwhile? 
Life/emotions seem out of control? 
Trouble concentrating or sleeping? 
Feeling disconnected from God/other people? 
Painful marriage conflict? 
Painful family problems? 
Losing/gaining weight?
Feeling stuck in the same old rut?

If any of the above apply then counseling could make a real difference to you!

I became weary of my wanderings, but then I was led to Green Valley.

If  I consider all of the factors that help me at Green Valley Church, it seems like God gave to me a "specialized" church, custom-made for my particular mind-set. It takes me two hours by bus to reach Green Valley Church, but I don't mind because it is where I want to go... it is where I find help. I loved my Sunday School class, which was taught by Pastor Larry Snapp. I connected with him the first time I heard him speak. He is "textbook accurate" with the Scriptures. He has just the right balance of Biblical content and application to keep me interested. Pastor Snapp is very attentive - he always listened carefully to my questions and gave me direct and thorough answers which led to deeper insight and understanding. He would often address issues that were unspoken concerns of mine. For instance, one day he explained a Bible verse that had troubled me greatly in the past. Now, I can see more clearly! With OCD, my thinking patterns are like endless loops... I have had much difficulty with ruminations. I was so thrilled to have Pastor Rod and Pastor Snapp as my teachers because my thinking changed from an obsessive, superficial level to a deeper level where I was reaching conclusions. I was absorbing concepts and actually learning and growing. I am experiencing a sense of certainty, and it is very exciting.  My Baptism had been delayed for over a decade because of my OCD "doubting my senses" dilemma. During my first year at Green Valley Church, I was able to get baptized. Pastor Snapp spoke with me the day before my Baptism. He is a very caring person. His compassion is like the fragrance of a flower. Pastor Rod baptized me and Pastor Snapp was also there. I gave them both a card with the Bible verse that I read at my Baptism because they are both so special to me. The staff at Green Valley Church is taking my OCD experience very seriously. I believe that Pastor Snapp will be able to help you get through this nightmare called OCD. I went through so many struggles feeling so overwhelmed and frightened, and that is why Green Valley Church is a treasure which I desire to share with you.


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